Cenla Environmental Science | 3609 Mac Lee Drive | Alexandria | LA 71302
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Onsite in Alexandria, LA


Environmental Science Lab

Cenla Environmental is a full-service lab accredited by EPA and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) (accreditation #3078).

We are a service partner to hundreds of municipalities, state and federal agencies, engineers, industry and other EPA and LDEQ permit holders.

Complete Lab Services

"Cradle To Grave"

Cenla Environmental capabilities include complete routine analytical in-house testing and specialty analysis of drinking water, toxicity, bioassy, TCLP, etc., through our network of labs.

All analysis use rigid scientific standards approved by EPA. Computerized result reports include quality assurance data. We also prepare all state and federal regulatory reports for filling with EPA and LDEQ.

Increasing the probability of environmental compliance

We measurably increase our client's probability of meeting their environmental requirements. Our headquarters in Alexandria/Pineville, LA, is located near the geographic center of the state providing easy statewide access.

Flexible scheduling, sample collection and field services

We offer totally flexible scheduling. Any day. Any time. Need to reschedule? Simply give us a call. We provide a fully-array of field services including sample collection, pick-up, composite sampling, on-site analytics, etc.

Results in days, not weeks

CenLA Environmental often provides results in days, not weeks. Immediate results allow the operator to act quickly. This vastly improves your ability to meet permit limits AND reduce pollution. Our standard quick-turn service is offered at no additional charge.